Rubber Testing Equipments, Material Testing Equipments

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Analysis Instruments Products

Order Code Rubber Testing Equipments
EGMB-1001 DE-Mattia Flex Tester
EGMB-1002 Compression Tester 1
EGMB-1003 Dump-Bell-Die
EGMB-1004 SG BAlance 1
EGMB-1005 Water Bath
EGMB-1006 IRHD Tester
Order Code Plastic Testing Equipments
EGMB-1007 Escr For Plastic And Cable
EGMB-1008 MFI Apparatus
EGMB-1009 HDT Tester
EGMB-1010 SG Balance
EGMB-1011 Dart Impact Tester
EGMB-1012 Bottle Compesion Tester
Order Code Footwear/Leather Testing Equipments
EGMB-1013 Compression Tester 2
EGMB-1014 Toe Cap Impact Tester
EGMB-1015 Sole Adhesion Tester
EGMB-1016 IRHD Tester
Order Code Paper Testing Equipments
EGMB-1017 Bursting Strength Tester
EGMB-1018 Tearing Tester
EGMB-1019 Thickness Gauge 2
EGMB-1020 GSM Balance
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