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Elestrostatic Digital Colour Matching System  
 Digital Colour Matching System

To check the color value of textiles, paper, leathers, painting materials. The objective quality control of color during production. The color measurement and recording of products supplied by supplier to check for conformity specification.

It is a portable equipment equipped with an external sensor probe having a 45/0 degree colour measuring geometry. It uses the spectral analysis method to determine the colour of the sample.

It has user friendly features to get the colour value ( R; G; B or H; S; L); comparision of colour value is easy for two measurement materials.

Built in CAL ( Calibtration ) button makes self calibration easy; and a white colour calibration card is included in the kit.

Hand Held housing case is included; the entire system runs on 9 V battery.

  Scratch Hardness Tester

It is a suitable apparatus for carrying out the tests relating to resistance to scratch under a specified load. Test are conducted either on a go/no go basic by testing at a single specified load on the needle or by increasing loads to determine the minimum load at which the coating is penetrated.

It is used in testing paints, varnishes, and lacquers & similar products. This instrument is most suitable for small laboratories and industries where repetitive quality control tests are carried out.

Two models are available of capacity 1.5.
Motorized Model A-SHT02 also available.

 Scratch Hardness Tester

Color Matching Cabinets  
 Color Matching Cabinets

Specturm - II provides standardised and controlled environment for visual assessment of colors. It is suitable for all applications where there is a need to maintain Color consistency and Quality.

It allows a person to evaluate Color Samples under different Light Sources:

  • Artificial Daylight (D-65)
  • Cool White Light (CWF)
  • Tungsten Filament Light (Domestic Light Matching)
  • Ultra Violet Black Light (Whites & Fluorescent Dyes)
  • TL-84 Light -Triphosphor fluorescent Light (Point of Sale)

The use of Multiple Light Sources is the only way to detect
Metamerism - a phenomenon where samples appear to match under one Light source but are distinctly different under another.

SPECTRUM II is a universally preferred choice for Faster, Closer and Accurate Color Matching.

  Salt Spray Chamber (DLX)

The Presto® Salt Spray (Fog) Tester has been designed strictly as per the relevant standard to asses the ability of rust proofed components to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions. It is Double Walled. (Stainless Steel 316 inside & Outside also Stainless Steel) with glasswool insulation.

 Salt Spray Chamber
Work Space : Rectangular Inside Size: 900x750x600mm.
Temperature Range : Ambient to 60 degree Celsius. (Temp. Requirement 35 +/- 2 Degree C)
Temperature Accuracy : +/-1 degree celsius.
Temperature Control : Solid State Digital Programmable Temperature Controller cum indicator with special Zero Corrosion PT 100 sensor
Material :

Stainless Steel Main body Grade 316 inside & Outside Stainless Steel with transparent lid (toughened Glass) to observe sample under test.

Air Regulator : A moisture cum oil filter and air regulator ranging from 0 to 30 psi is provided.
Pressure Gauge :

A calibrated pressure gauge is provided for measuring inlet air pressure.

Atomiser : A state of the art zero choke inert material atomizer is provided for reliable atomizing.
Panel :

A separate user friendly panel is provided with the following:

  1. Solid State Digital Programmable Temperatuer indicator cum controllers with atuo-cut off facility of the main chamber and the reservoir.
  2. Digital Preset Timer with Memory backup and automatic shut off after pre-setduraiton for setting test duration upto 999 Hrs.
  3. Mounted Pressure gauge; regulator value and air filter.
Electrical Requirements Single Phase 220 Volt 50Hz 3KW approx.
Related Standards : JIS Z2371; DIN 50021; ASTM B 117; IS:5528; IS:6910; ISO:3768

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