Rubber Testing Equipments

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Rubber Testing Equipments
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Hot Air Oven  
 Hot Air Oven

Universal Memmert Type-Digital Model

Size 18" x 18" x 18" inside.
Maximum Temperature Range Ambient - 250°C
Least Count 0.1°C
Controlling Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator


  Muffle Furnace

Suitable for checking ash content of polymers Digital Complete insulated with imported insulation & fire bricks.

Temperature Range 900°C with Digital Temp. Controller
Sizes 4" x 4" x 9"
Rating Approx. 2.5 KW


 Muffle Furnace

Digital Colour Matching System  
 Digital Colour Matching System

To check the color value of textiles, paper, leathers, painting materials. The objective quality control of color during production. The color measurement and recording of products supplied by supplier to check for conformity specification.

It is a portable equipment equipped with an external sensor probe having a 45/0 degree colour measuring geometry. It uses the spectral analysis method to determine the colour of the sample.

It has user friendly features to get the colour value ( R; G; B or H; S; L); comparision of colour value is easy for two measurement materials.

Built in CAL ( Calibtration ) button makes self calibration easy; and a white colour calibration card is included in the kit.

Hand Held housing case is included; the entire system runs on 9 V battery.

  Oscillating Disc Rheometer
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D2048 & ISO 6502 standards.
  • Graphics including Elastic torque, Cure rate, and Upper/Lower dies temperatures.
  • Data, such as ML, MH, TS, TC, CRI etc., can be taken from each test.
    Cure curve provides the processing, vulcanizing, and vulcanized physical
  • properties of rubber cross-linking reaction.
  • Multiple control gates are available for controlling the specified data such as
  • ML, MH, TS, and TC. Standard accessory - SPC (Statistical Process Control) software is used to analyze and draw the statistical control charts including X-RM, -R, histogram, and normal distribution for some specified data.
 Oscillating Disc Rheometer

Din Abrasion Tester  
 Din Abrasion Tester

The tester is designed & manufactured in accordance with DIN standard. It is used for uniformly tests and comparison test of rubber Abrasion abrasive paper is wound on the surfaced of a rotary drum and rubber specimen subjected to load is moved on the abrasive paper.

Amount of rubber reduced in the specimen due to abrasion is measured. In this method of testing abrasion, test specimen does not always move on the same path on abrasive paper, but gradually a new portion of the abrasive paper appears to rotation of the drum.

  Ozone Chamber

Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASTM D1149, ISO1431 & JIS K6259 standards.

Providing precise and accurate ozone (O3) concentration environment for rubber and polymer test.

Widely applied to:

  • Accelerated ageing research
  • Quality control and assurance tests and
  • R&D laboratory formula experiments for cracking resistance.

Wide ranges of ozone concentration (normal 20~250pphm, or according to customer's request) can satisfy user's different requirements. The real ozone concentration is controlled and measured accurately by means of precise detecting system.

1. Excellent system control:
  • Maintaining rapid resumption of O3 concentration during continuous circulation.
2. Economy and efficiency:
  • Full automatic test after simple settings
 Ozone Chamber

Flammability Tester  
 Flammability Tester

All Stainless Steel, Flammability Tester with Stainless Steel Brushing device. This latest model has changed internal designs to undertake large number of Testing conveniently in a Short Time.

The unit adheres to ASTM D-1230 & other International Standards. Used to determine the burning characteristics of Textiles under Controlled Conditions. Stainless Steel Test Cabinet with clear Observation Panel. The unit has DIGITAL Timer for automatic Timing of flame speed.

Supplied with 5 Nos. Stainless Steel Specimen Holders, Clips for fixing the Specimen, Clips for Micro Switch Operation, Dead Weight, 2 Nos. Gauges, empty Gas Cylinder, Gas Pipe with Stainless Steel Clamps along with Brushing Device.

Complete unit with a CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE, Traceable to NPL, along with an Inspection and Conformance Certificate.

  Specific Gravity Balance - Digital

Specific Gravity of any elastomer is or considerable importance for its identification. Besides it can also be used for providing a rough assessment of its physical properties. It can also be used for finding if the sample and the products are prepared from the same compound or not.

Displays direct specific gravity digitally, No calculations required. Based on the Archimedes principle.

Designed for use in laboratory applications, it is easy to use two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD display.

Designed for use in Laboratory applications, highly accurate features easy to use two button operation. The option of either RS 232 or USB connectivity available.

 Specific Gravity Balance - Digital

I. R. H. D.
Hardness Tester
 I. R. H. D. Hardness Tester

The IRHD (International Rubber Hardness Degrees) instrument has a spherical indentor which indents the sample under a minor and major Load.

The differential indentation depth is measured and tabulated to read directly in "IRHD" degrees. The displacement/IRHD degrees conversion table is published in ISO 48 : 1994.

  Dumbell Cutting Die

The die is made from high quality die steel to give long lasting finish and accuracy. The die is hardened & tampered and is yellow zinc plated for corrosion free usage. The die is supplied in wooden boxes for safe usage.

Standard Size supplied : 115 mm

Cutting Press to be bought Separately.

 Dumbell Cutting Die

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