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Textile & Yarn Testing
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polarising Projection Microscope
 polarising Projection Microscope
A latest model Polarising Projection Microscope for TEXTILE Industry for most accurate Examination, Evaluation and precise measurement of YARN/FIBRE under POLARISED Light.
Polarised Light effects increases the Clarity & Sharpness of the specimen many Times more than that of the Projection Microscope with Normal Light Effects.

The Microscope is indispensable for following Tests:

  • Measurements of YARN Thickness.
  • Evaluation of YARN Hairiness.
  • Evaluation of Mercerisation of Yarn.
  • Maturity Test for Cotton Fibres.
  • Identification of Fibres etc.

Technical Detail

Mains Operation 220 Volts, 50 HZ, Single Phase AC Supply
Screen 360 Rotatable Graduated Screen (can be calibrated with the provided stage micrometer).
Light Control (5 x 5) cms.
Objective 5x , 10x , 20x & 40x.
Magnification 125x to 1000x
Mechanical Stage Graduated Mechanical Stage with X & Y Forward & Backward Movement and Left & Right Movement)
Screen Pointers:Two One Arrow & One Circle Pointer on the screen.
Polariser & Analysers Slideable Built-in, Selectable with a knob & Unit.
Coarse Focus Adjustment With a Knob (Bigger Knob).
Fine Focus Adjustment Up/ Down with a knob
Light Condenser Movement .Up/ Down with a knob
Condenser Diaphragm Iris Diaphragm (Can be Opened/Closed withthe Knob Provided)
Light Centering With three long screws.
Power Consumption 250 W
  Color Matching Cabinet (Spectrum USA)

Colour Matching Booth Made as per American buyers

This new Colour Matching Booth is specially meant for American Buyers as it is made as per American Colour Matching requirements, this unit has six light sources:

  • D 65 (6500k, CIE D65, Average North Sky Daylight),
  • Cool White Fluorescent (4150K, Typical Store / Office Lighting Wide Band Fluorescent,
  • Custom Illuminant UL-30 ( Ultralume 30 or UL-3000)
  • Illuminant "A" (2856K, Typical Incandescent Home Lighting),
  • Ultraviolet (Filtered near UV),
  • TL-84 Light

Fitted with Electronic Chokes for Instant Illumination. Supplied with a Dust Cover. Complete unit with a CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE, Traceable to NPL, along with an Inspection and Conformance Certificate.

 Color Matching Cabinet

Round Cutter for GSM  
 Round Cutter for GSM

The unit is recommended for yield testing i.e. the determination of weight per unit area. The sample cutter cuts out rapidly and accurately circular specimen of 100 Cms.2 Which is exactly 1 / 100th of a square meter. The result is grams, multiplied by 100, gives the GSM (Grams per square meter) DIRECTLY.

Grams per Square Meter = Specimen Weight in Grams x 100

Technical Specifications:
Specimen Area 100 cm²
Specimen Dia. 113 mm.
Type of Cut Standard
Blade Holders 4 Nos. Stainless Steel
Blades Heavy duty Reversible Blades
Number of Blades 4 Nos.
Safety Lock Fine Brass Lock
Hand Wheel (Handle) Special Backelite Handle
Cutting Pad New Rubber-Foam Pad
Conditioning Chamber

The PRESTO Conditioned Chamber is a ideal environmental chamber with the latest technology used to create the designated temperature. It has the lowest heat loss ratio due to high quality of insulation with imported glass wool. The chamber has a sealed compressor unit for high speed 'almost instant' cooling. Ergonomics and user ease are given a lot of importance while designing the system. It has complete DIGITAL controls.

Conditioning Chamber
Technical Specifications:
18" X 18" X 28"
Humidity Range 65% - 95% (tolerance of +/- 2% RH)
Temperature Range Ambient to 65 deg.C
Viewing Viewing Glass ncorporated for visual Examination of sample, with neoprene sealed lining.
Timer Digital Pre-Set solid state type Timer to set OFF Chamber after set number of hours. It has a built in battery for memory back of settings in case of power failure, the programming need not be done again.
Hour Totaliser Records total cumulative number of hours the instrument has run totally automated controls for zero attendance and auto shut off.

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