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Textile & Yarn Testing
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Digital Colour Matching System
 Digital Colour Matching System

To check the color value of textiles, paper, leathers, painting materials. The objective quality control of color during production. The color measurement and recording of products supplied by supplier to check for conformity specification.
It is a portable equipment equipped with an external sensor probe having a 45/0 degree colour measuring geometry. It uses the spectral analysis method to determine the colour of the sample.
It has user friendly features to get the colour value ( R; G; B or H; S; L); comparision of colour value is easy for two measurement materials.
Built in CAL ( Calibtration ) button makes self calibration easy; and a white colour calibration card is included in the kit.
Hand Held housing case is included; the entire system runs on 9 V battery.

  Martindale Abrasion-cum-Pilling Tester

The Next Generation Martindale Abrasion-cum-Pilling Tester is used to determine the Abrasion and Pilling Resistance of all kinds of Textile Structures.
The Test specimen are Rubbed against the known Abradents at low pressure and in continuously changing directions tracing down the lissajous figure, and the amount of Abrasion and Pilling is compared against the Standard Photographs.
The unit has the latest drive mechanism with no vibration or running noise. A sturdy, virtually maintenance-free, machine for continuous running.
The machine is fitted with 4 individual LCD Counters for each station, overall pre-settable Digital Counter and Digital Totaliser, a Sample Cutter for 140mm dia., another Sample Cutter of 38mm dia., 4 Nos. numbered Specimen Holders, 4 Nos. 9 kPa Weights (for apparel), 4 Nos. 12 kPa Weight (for Upholstery), 4 Nos. Loading Pins, 1 No. Uncreasing Load Big and another small, 4 Nos. Lissajous figure tracing pens etc.
All the accessories are placed in Two Sturdy Wooden Boxes for ease in usage and handling. Complete unit with a CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE, traceable to NPL, along with an Inspection and Conformance Certificate.

Martindale Abrasion-cum-Pilling Tester

Beesley Balance  
Beesley Balance

The count of yarn is defined as a number indicating its Weightage. In Direct System, the count is the weight of a Unit Length of yarn. For example "TEX" is number of grams in one Kilometer Length of yarn, "Denier" is number of grams in 9000 meters of yarn.
In Indirect System, the count is the number of unit of fixed length of yarn which make a fixed weight: For example "Cotton" is number of hanks of yarn in a pound, "Metric" is number of Kilometers of yarn in one Kilogram. Irrespective of the system of count, two basic requirement for determining count are :

  • An accurate determination of Sample Length, and
  • An accurate determination of its Weight.
  Yarn Examining Board Winder

Model - PYB 357

Useful for determining, Smoothness, cleanliness and general appearance of yarn.


Yarn Examining Board Winder

Color Matching Cabinet(Spectrum EURO)  
Color Matching Cabinet (Spectrum EURO)

Color Matching Cabinet (Spectrum EURO)olour Matching Cabinet made as per European Buyers with Feather Touch Microprocessor Control

The equipment is fitted with FOUR Light Sources as per International Standards:

D - 65 Artificial daylight 2 Nos.
TFL Light Tungsten Filament 4 Nos.
TL - 84 Light Point of Sale 1 No.
UVB Light Ultra Violet 1 No.
  H.T.H.P. Beaker Dyeing Machine

HTHP Beaker Dyeing machine is designed in order to facilitate effective dyeing for testing purpose. HTHP Beaker dyeing machine is fabricated out of 316 quality Stainless steel. The beaker carriage will rotate in Glycerin bath at about 30 RPM, through suitable motor. The temperature obtained in the Glycerin bath will be up to 1400C through electric heater. For rapid cooling the machine is equipped with a copper pipe through which water is made to pass continuously when required.


H.T.H.P. Beaker Dyeing Machine
Technical Specifications:
Capacity 12 Beakers
Capacity of Beaker 12 x 200 ml.
Carriage rotation At 30 RPM. ( 2 RPM.)
Temperature 140° C
Rate of heating 1.5C / Min
Rate of cooling 1.5C / Min
(*with cooling water at a temperature of 22° C)
Control through Microprocessor based
programmer having auto / manual operation.)
Heater rating 10 KW
Heating Medium Glycerin
Electrical 415 / 220 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz.
3 (phase) with Neutral.
Motor ½ H.P , 1390 RPM
Power consumption 10.5 KW
Gear Box 1 : 50
V Belt A 27 (02 Nos.)

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