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Textile & Yarn Testing
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Digital Precision Balance
Digital Precision Balance
Capacity 100 gms.
Sensitivity 0.01 gms. (10 mgm)

Highly accurate scale which can be used for Yarn Count/GSM and all type of weighing in the Lab. Complete unit with a CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE, Traceable to NPL, along with an Inspection and Conformance Certificate.

  MBTL Fastness Tester

To determine the Colour Fastness and degradation due to the effects of sunlight on Textiles. The unit is supplied with 500 Watts.

MBTL Lamp (Mercury Blended Tungsten Lamp), Digital Pre-settable Timer for Controlling duration of Test, Hour Totaliser for Lamp running duration, 3 Nos. Water Cooled Rectangular Specimen Holders, 50 Nos. Type C Cylindrical Specimen Holders, Control Fluid Filler, Grey Scale for Change in Colour, One Set of Blue Wool Light Fastness Standards, Automatic Voltage Stabilizer, Plastic Tubing's, S. Steel Clamps, Special Stainless Steel Water Circulation Unit.

Complete unit with a CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE, Traceable to NPL, along with an Inspection and Conformance Certificate.

MBTL Fastness Tester

Swatch Cutter 300mm  
Swatch Cutter 300mm

SWATCH CUTTER 300mm provides a simple approach to the zigzag cutting of apparel, dress, curtains, upholstery, household textiles, pattern books etc.

A user friendly versatile Swatch (Sample) Cutting Machine for making swatches upto 300mm (12") quickly & conveniently. The swatches made have smooth pinking edges and are cut in multiple layers to a depth of 20mm.

It is possible to make samples out of any type of fabric (woven/knitted or thick/thin).The latest unit made with Italian Technology has latest scissors action. The unit is mounted on a strong & sturdy table for case in operation. The sample sizes are conveniently determined by the graduated screen fixed on the fabric guide bar.

Details of important parts of Swatch Cutter 300mm
Special Cutting Mat/Board : One special Cutting Board is supplied with the machine. The Board is of even thickness and does not contain any foreign matter. In order to ensure a long life of blade & Cutting Mat, it should be rotated and turned over frequently.
Acrylics shields for Operator Safety Two Acrylics Shields are fitted on both sides of the Cutting Blade for the protection purpose i.e. it protects Hand or any other foreign material from coming in contact with blades.
Gaduated Scale A graduated Scale is fitted in the Fabric Guide Bar for determining the sample size. The Scale length is 32cm. on Left side and 27cm. on Right side. The Scale reads Zero at the position of the blade where the sample in cut.
Cutting Blade The Length of the Cutting Blade is of 300mm. It is fitted to the cutting assembly by four screws. The blade is laser grinded for sharpness long life & having cutting depth up to 20mm.
Cutting Width 300mm
Cutting Height 15 - 20 mm
  Shrinkage Scale & Template

Shrinkage scale & template consists of a fine Calibrated Marking Template which is used to mark fabric with 14 inches benck-marks for accurately determining change in Fabrics/Garments.

After the Fabric/ Garment is laundered/dry-cleaned/washed/processed, the dimensional change can be read Directly & Accurately in Percent Change with the Calibrated Shrinkage Scale/Rule.

 Shrinkage Scale & Template

Spray Tester  
 Spray Tester

Determination of water repellency of fabric against external wetting is carried out with the help of the spray tester. The Spray Test method is used for determining the resistance of any fabric, which may or may not have been given a water resistant/repellant finishing to surface wetting by water.

The Test is especially suitable for measuring the water - repellant efficiency of finishes applied to fabric's particularly plain-woven fabrics. In this test, a specified volume of distilled water is sprayed on a Test specimen, which has been mounted on a ring and placed at an angle of 45°, so that the center of the specimen is 150mm below the spray nozzle. The Spray rating is determined by comparing the appearance of the specimen with AATCC Spray Test Rating Chart.
Technical Specifications of Spray Tester AATCC

Size of test specimen 180 x 180 mm square.
Spray nozzle Converse face with 19 holes of 0.7 mm diameter.
Rate of water spray 250 ml in 25 to 30 seconds. :
Tester - PTH 310

Model - PTH 310

A Specially designed Twist Tester to check Twists in a Single Yarn. The Unit has a pre-settable 5 Digit Counter to register the number of Twists in a Single Yarn.

2 Dead Weights (10gms & 20gms) is supplied to provide Tension to the Yarn while untwisting. A magnifying Glass to check the untwisting of Yarn is provided with the unit.

Complete unit with a CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE, (Traceable to NPL), along with an Inspection and Conformance Certificate.

Twist Tester - PTH 310


Crockmeter - Motorised


Crockmeter - Motorised
The Equipment is used for testing the transference of color from the surface of one material to another by either wet or dry rubbing. In addition to color transference tests, the CROCK METER performs scuffing, wet / dry abrasion, flexing, powdering, dry-cleaning, ink abrasiveness, and other tests. Test conditions are controlled and reproducible through the use of standard pressure and motion. Specimens are rubbed with dry, Standard cotton cloth (Crocking cloth) and again, if applicable, with wet cloth. The staining of the crocking cloths is assessed with a Grey Scale of ISO / BS Std. for Staining.
Technical Information:
Diameter of the Rubbing Finger 16mm
Downward Force on the Finger 9 N ± 10%
Size of Crocking Cloth (5 x 5) cms
Length of the Traverse of the Finger 100 ± 2 mm
Counter (Re-settable) 4-Digit Counter
Size of Test Specimen 25 x 5 Cm
Construction Cold-rolled steel
Finish Metallic Blue

Related standards:

  • ISO 105
  • BS 1006
  • BS EN 20105


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