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Textile & Yarn Testing
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Washometer I for ISO Testing  
Washometer I for ISO Testing

The washometer is used for determining colour fastness of textile materials to washings. This is attained by mechanical agitating a specimen of textile in contact with pieces of specified adjacent fabrics in a soap-soda solution, before being rinsed and dried. The change in colour of the specimen and staining of the adjacent fabrics are assessed with standard grey scales.

Technical Specifications:
Number of jars 8 Nos
Volume of each jar 8x500 ml +/-50ml
Distance of base of jars from the axis of Rotation 45 mm
Temperature of water bath Ambient to 98° C
Motor ¼ HP 230 V
Button Pullout Tester

The assessment of snap attachment strength is an important criterion especially in the design and manufacturer of garments of infants' and children wear. The measurement of an uniform force applied to the snap attachment shall be recorded by means of a force-measuring device (in this case a Calibrated Imada Push/Pull Scale is utilized). Once the appropriate force is registered on the Imada Scale, a stopclock is used for recording a set period of time.

To define the garments manufacturer responsibilities and duties to ensure that snaps are applied appropriately to all garments. To prevent separation between the snap and the garment, which represents a dangerous situation if the loose snap is swallowed.

  • This test method cover an uniform force required to pull a snap attachment
  • perpendicular to the garment. The snap attachment is not forced to separate from the garment.
  • This test method is as per American Buyers and Covers almost all buyers specifications in America.
  • This method is required attachment of snaps to specimens using specifications provided by the producers of the snaps.
  • This test method is used to establish correlation to wear conditions and for comparing different brands and types of snap fasteners.
  • Imperial Units (i.e., Kg./Pound force) are to be regarded as the standard.
  • This standard may involve hazardous materials, operations, and equipment.
  • This standard does not address all the safety problems associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health's practices and determine the applicability of the regulatory limitations prior to use
Snap Button Pullout Tester

Pilling Tester  
Pilling Tester

Digital Pilling Tester consists of two wooden cubical boxes with inside surfaces lined with special standard cork sheet and outside surfaces beautifully laminated. These boxes are rotated about their central axis at a specified speed with the help of a geared motor. A Pre-set Digital Counter stops the motor automatically after the desired number of revolutions.

Technical Specifications:
Thickness of Cork Lining 3.2 mm
Speed of Rotation of Boxes 60 2 R.P.M.
Size of Test Specimen 12.5 12.5 cm²
Counter 5 DIGITS DIGITAL Preset
Rubber Tubes 31.5mm(OD) x 25.1mm(ID) x 140mm(L)
Power Consumption 0.3 Kw.
Supply 220 / 110 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz.

Related Standards:

  • BS 5811
  • IS 10971
  • IWSTM 152
  Yarn Tension Tester

Portable, Hand held Yarn Tension Meter, to determine Tension on Running Yarns. Accurate and Robust mechanical operations having grooved rollers. Direct dial reading for instant results.

The Unit is supplied in a beautiful and sturdy wooden box for safe storage and handling. Complete unit.

With a CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE, Traceable to NPL, along with an Inspection and Conformance Certificate.

  • 2 - 25 gms
  • 5 - 50 gms
  • 10 - 100 gms
Yarn Tension Tester

Bench pH Meter Digital  
Bench pH Meter Digital

An accurate and reliable Bench Model, Digital pH Meter to check the pH of any kind of solution (Dyes, Chemicals etc.). The equipment incorporates ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) to give accurate pH in any Temperature and weather Conditions.

The unit has a Special Gel Filled PH Electrode and Temperature Sensor PT-100, Complete with Stand, 3 Nos. Plastic Calibrated Beakers, 1 No. 500 ml. Wash Bottle, 2 Nos. Plastic Bottles (100 ml.), 5 Packets pH 4.0 Sachet Powder, pH 7.0 Buffer Sachet Packs with PH4 & 7 Solution Bottles and Dust Cover.

Complete unit with a CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE, Traceable to NPL, along with an Inspection and Conformance Certificate.

  Digital Moisture Meter

Every Textile material irrespective of their form (i.e., Fiber, Yarn, Fabric) contain water, which is expressed in terms of moisture percentage. Wool has got the highest moisture content and synthetic fibers contains the lowest moisture content

Digital Moisture Meter measures moisture by sensing the electrical resistance of the hygroscopic material. The sensing can be done with one of the three type of electrodes. The section of sensor depends upon the form of the material. Pin type sensors can be used for loose cotton materials cones, cheese. Flat type of sensors can be used for fabric for web. Rollers can be used for fabric or yarn or web running on the machine. The long electrodes are made specially for cotton bales or such application.

The instrument can operate either on 230 VAC mains or battery.

Digital Moisture Meter
Pin Type Sensor (Small Pins) It is used for loose Cotton Cones,
Pin Type Sensor (Long Pins) The Sensor with long Pins is used for Cotton Bales.
Flat Type Sensor It is used for fabrics, garments etc.
Roller Type Sensor It is used for fabric in running condition.
Technical Specifications:
Main Unit Portable carried in a case
Mains 110 / 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Batteries 12V, 6 Amp., SMF (Chargeable)
Battery Range 3.5 to 20% Moisture for cotton
Display LCD Display 31/2 Digit
Power consumption ¼ kw

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