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Plastic Testing
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Digital Colour Matching System
Digital Colour Matching System

To check the color value of textiles, paper, leathers, painting materials. The objective quality control of color during production. The color measurement and recording of products supplied by supplier to check for conformity specification.

It is a portable equipment equipped with an external sensor probe having a 45/0 degree colour measuring geometry. It uses the spectral analysis method to determine the colour of the sample.

It has user friendly features to get the colour value ( R; G; B or H; S; L); comparision of colour value is easy for two measurement materials.

Built in CAL ( Calibtration ) button makes self calibration easy; and a white colour calibration card is included in the kit.

Hand Held housing case is included; the entire system runs on 9 V battery.


  Color Matching Cabinet - Spectrum - II, ASIA

Color Matching Cabinet - Spectrum - II, ASIA
Color Matching Cabinet - Spectrum - II, ASIA
Specturm - II provides standardised and controlled environment for visual assessment of colors. It is suitable for all applications where there is a need to maintain Color consistency and Quality.

  • It allows a person to evaluate Color Samples under different Light Sources: Artificial Daylight (D-65)
  • Cool White Light (CWF)
  • Tungsten Filament Light (Domestic Light Matching)
  • Ultra Violet Black Light (Whites & Fluorescent Dyes)
  • TL-84 Light - Triphosphor fluorescent Light (Point of Sale)

The use of Multiple Light Sources is the only way to detect
Metamerism - a phenomenon where samples appear to match under one Light source but are distinctly different under another.

SPECTRUM II is a universally preferred choice for Faster, Closer and Accurate Color Matching.

Color Matching Cabinet - Spectrum - II, ASIA
Color Temperature:
D-65 Light 6500° K
CWF Light 4100 K
TL-84 Light 4000 K
T.F. Light 2300 - 2800 K
U.V.B. Light Ultra Violet
Technical Specifications:
Light sources:
Artificial Daylight Fluorescent Lamps (D-65) 02 Nos. (18 W)
Tungsten Filament Lamps (Inc A Lamps) 04 Nos.(40W Each)
Cool White Fluorescent Lamp (CWF) 01 No. (18 W)
Triphosphor Fluorescent Lamp (TL-84) Point of Scale 01 No. (18 W)
Ultra-Violet Black Lamp 01 No. (18 W)
Voltage 220 / 110 V AC , 50/ 60 Hz.
Power consumption 1/4 kw

Computerized Tensile Testing Machine  
Computerized Tensile Testing Machine
Capacity 250 Kgf Least Count 100 gm
Type Floor standing, C.R.T. Type.
Testing Area Tension Compression, Flexural.
Grip to Grip Separation Minimum 25mm. and Maximum : 700mm. Two sets supplied with the machine.
Cross Head Speed 50mm - 500mm / min. With Servo Motor Variable Speed.
Speed Control Through Graphic user interface PC.
Cross Head Travel Length Overall travel length 1000mm without Grips.
Load Sensor Universal 'S' Type
Load Sensor Accuracy +0.5% of the Load Cell capacity. Calibrated by NPL approved proving ring / dynamometers.
Load Sensor Sensing  
Over Load / Travel Safety Auto stop through software : 10% above load cell capacity. / Built in
Systems Controls Advance Micro - controller systems tensile card - 1927 or 945a, 16bit ADC & DAC
Computer & Printer Computer and Printer is must. Pentium or Higher version. Not part of the offer.
Software Window based Tensile software program / specially designed to perform & store basic Tensile & compression test
Power Requirement Stabilized, 220-240V AC, 50Hz, Single Phase.

  Co-efficient of
Friction Tester

The Co-efficient of friction reveals the stackability of plastic films. Helps prevent accidents due to friction in packaging, loading, transportation of materials. Friction could result from uneven film thickness, which leads to uneven film strength. Co-efficient of friction also tells you the degree of abuse a plastic film will sustain without damaging the contents.

Measure the co-efficient of sliding friction. A simple but precise instruments. Designed to determine the co-efficient of friction of plastic film. By checking the friction that exists between 2 surfaces covered by the same plastic material.

Co-efficient of Friction Tester

Melt Flow Index
Melt Flow Index

Useful for checking flow properties of molten plastics. Complete with Digital Temperature indicator cum controller Digital Timer, Cleaning tools & Instructions manual.

Temperature Range Ambient - 300°C
Accuracy 0.1°C
Timer 0-999 seconds

  Illuminated Inspection Magnifier
Illumination From both sides with adjustable height & angle
Magnification Useful for small part inspection and online visual quality checking. Equipped with special imported lens & illuminator

Illuminated Inspection Magnifier
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