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Specific Gravity Balance - Digital
Specific Gravity Balance - Digital

Specific Gravity of any elastomer is or considerable importance for its identification. Besides it can also be used for providing a rough assessment of its physical properties. It can also be used for finding if the sample and the products are prepared from the same compound or not.

Displays direct specific gravity digitally, No calculations required. Based on the Archimedes principle.

Designed for use in laboratory applications, it is easy to use two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD display.

Designed for use in Laboratory applications, highly accurate features easy to use two button operation. The option of either RS 232 or USB connectivity available.


  Ultra Low Chamber (Deep Freezer)
The Ultra Low Temperature Freezers are equipped with special air cooled compressor and CFC free refrigerators to give the efficient cooling and flow in the cabinet. High capacity air cooled condensers with aerodynamically shaped fans and washable condense filter keep fine free of dust to maintain utmost cooling efficiency.

Size : 18" x 18" x 18", Chest type freezers with temperature upto minus 40 degree C.

  • Accurate temperature control & holdover capability.
  • Thick polyurethane insulation of 50 - 80 mm.
  • Minimum power consumption.
  • Digital electronic temperature controller cum indicator allows for easy readability.
  • Durable stainless steel interiors aid in maintaining temperature and makes cleaning easy.
  • Outer is made of Galvanized sheet finished with epoxy paint.

  • Ultra Low Chamber (Deep Freezer)

    Digital Tensile Strength Tester  
    Digital Tensile Strength Tester
    Digital Tensile Strength Tester for plastic, rubber & metal is based on the Constant Rate of Traverse (CRT) principle. The sample is held between two jaws, the upper one is a stationary jaw while the other end is made to move at a known fixed speed with the help of Motor, Gear Box and Lead Screw arrangement (75mm or 300mm per minute). The load exerted on the Stationary jaw is sensed by a sensor connected with load cell which directly indicates the load in Digital form in kgs. The Elongation is digitally displayed.

    Technical Specifications:
    Capacity of the Tester 0 - 250Kg/ 0 - 25N
    Sensitivity 100 Gms.
    Speed of Machine 75 mm per. Minute, 300 mm per. Minute
    Minimum jaw separation 25 mm
    Maximum jaw separation 750 mm
    Motor ¼ HP Single Phase 220 / 110 V AC Supply.
    Power Consumption 1KW
    Related Standards:
    • BS 1610
    • BSES 1002-3
    • ASTM E-4
    • DIN 5122/1
    Conditioning Chamber

    The PRESTO Conditioned Chamber is a ideal environmental chamber with the latest technology used to create the designated temperature. It has the lowest heat loss ratio due to high quality of insulation with imported glass wool. The chamber has a sealed compressor unit for high speed 'almost instant' cooling. Ergonomics and user ease are given a lot of importance while designing the system. It has complete DIGITAL controls.

     Conditioning Chamber
    Technical Specifications:  
    Size 18" X 18" X 28"
    Humidity Range 65% - 95% (tolerance of +/-2% RH)
    Temperature Range Ambient to 65 deg.C
    Viewing Viewing Glass incorporated for visual Examination of sample, with neoprene sealed lining.
    Timer Digital Pre-Set solid state type Timer to set OFF Chamber after set number of hours. It has a built in battery for memory back of settings in case of power failure, the programming need not be done again.
    Hour Totaliser Records total cumulative number of hours the instrument has run totally automated controls for zero attendance and auto shut off.

    Hot Air Oven
    Hot Air Oven
    Universal Memmert Type-Digital Model
    Size 18" x 18" x 18" inside.
    Maximum Temperature Range Ambient - 250°C
    Least Count 0.1°C
    Controlling Digital Temperature Controller cum Indicator
    Stainless Steel Inside Chamber, Outer M.S. neatly powder coated. A Circulating Fan is fitted in the chamber for uniformity of Temperature.

    A separate control panel, housing all indicators is provided on the right side of the main body allowing easy maintenance and accessibility Aesthetically designed for long life and comfortable usage. Supplied with Shelves (Adjustable) Stainless Steel.

      Digital Tensile Testing Machine

    The Presto Digital Tensile Strength Tester is electrically operated and is used to check the physical Impurities. It is basically vertical type, limit switches are incorporated for both the direction so to limit the traveling range. The accuracy of the machine is with in permissible limits as par IS:1828.

    The test specimen is held between two grips the upper one of which is connected to the load indicating arrangement while the lower moves down at constant speed with the help of a motor operated screw. The elongation is measured as the displacement of the lower grip. The equipment is designed to test as per Indian and other international specifications.

    Models available from 500 kg to 10,000 kgf.

    Digital Tensile Testing Machine
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