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arrow Laboratory Tray (L.P-13)
arrow Funnel Holder (l.p-14)
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arrow 9002 Plastic Cylinder (L.P-02)
arrow 9003 Bottles High Density Polyethylene (L.P-03)
arrow 9004 Bottles High Density(L.P-04)
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General Equipments Laboratory Equipment Analysis Instruments Biology Equipment Microscope
Hot Air Ovan
BOD Incubator
Centrifuge Machine High Speed
Water Bath
Serological water Bath
Horizontal Laminar Air Flow
Water Bath Rectangular
Ageing Oven Kag
Humidity Chamber
Roter Shaker
(fix speed)
Flash Poing Apparatus
Muffle Furnace
High Precision Water Bath
Tissue Floating Water Bath
water Bath Incubator Shaker
PhMeter Portable
Laboratory Bioreactor
Laboratory Oven
Water Bath Shaker
Glass Micropipette
Laminar Air Flow Chamber
Electrophoresis Instrument
Laboratory Auto Clave
Laboratory PCR
BOD Incubator
Deep Freezer
Gel Documentation
HPLC System
Plain borosilicate glass burettes
Tube - Centrifuge - Pear Shape
Chomatography Columns
Coloumns, Fractionating, ROD Type
Condensers, Liebing
Rubber Testing Equipments
Plastic Testing Equipments
Footwear/Leather Testing Equipments
Paper Testing Equipments
Material Testing Machines
Pulp and Paper Testing Equipments
Student Inclined Microscope
Dissecting Set / Mechanical Stage Standard
Microslide Cabinet Wooden
Model of Human Torso (male) / Mitosis
Ganong's Potometer / Photosynthesis Apparatus
Plankton Net / Insect Spreading Board
Chart of Human Nervous System
  Physics Equipment
Interscale Demonstration
Digital Ammeter
Electric Bell Demonstration
Westminster Kit
Van-De-Graff Generator
Demountable Transformer
Wimshurt Machine
Pathological & Laboratory Microscope
Advance Student Microscope Erma Pattern
Student Microscope (Single-nose)
Student Microscope (Olympus Type)
Deluxe Advance Student Microscope
Projection Microscope
Top Projection Microscope
Film Strip & Slide Projector
Monocular Metallurgical Microscope
Zoom Operating Microscopes
Phoenix Student Field Microscope
Junior Medical Microscope
Dissecting Microscopes
Metallurgical Microscope
Stereoscopic Microscopes
Microscope With Computer System
Soil Testing Equipments Pharma Equipments Surveying Instruments Glass Ware Models And Charts
California Bearing Ratio Test
Concrete Testing Instruments
Cement Testing Instruments
Rock Testing Instruments
Aggregate Testing Instruments
CBR Test Apparatus
Liquid Limit Apparatus
Direct Shear Apparatus
Core Cutting Machines
Abbe Refractometer
Oil & Sugar Refractometer
Hand Sugar Refractometers
Polarimeter Tube
Ultraviolet Cabinets
California Bearing Ratio Test
Light Fastness Tester
Diesel Engines
Tools And Hardware
Precision Direct Reading Vernier Theodolite
Vernier Transit Theodolite
Dumpy Level
Tilting Level
Engineer’s Precision Level
Quick Set Level
Quick Set Dumpy Level
Prospector Dumpy Level
Prospector Tilting Level
Tilting Level
Cock’s Pattern Reversible Level
Y-Reversible Level
Telescopic Alidade
Modern Telescopic Stand
Aluminium Levelling Staves
Levelling Staff
Sintered Glassware
Low Actinic Amber Colour Glassware
Interchangeable Laboratory Glassware
De Laboratory Glassware
Volumetric Glassware
Aspirator Bottles with out let for tubingene Condensers
Evaporating Basins
Beaker, Tall Form
Belljar, Socket Top
Dreschel Bottles
Plain borosilicate glass burettes
Tube - Centrifuge - pear Shape
Chromatography Columns
Coloumns Fractionating, ROD Type
Condensers, Liebing
Alternative Health
Cancer Charts
Ear Nose Throat
Medical Joint
Nervous System
Medical Sking
Brain Skull
Digestive System
Female Anatomy
Textile & Yarn Testing Plastic Testing Paint & Plating Rubber Testing Paper & Packaging
Polarising Projection Microscope
Color Matching Cabinet (Spectrum USA)
Round Cutter for GSM

Conditioning Chamber
Bursting Strength Tester - Analogue Model
Bursting Strength Tester - Digital
Wrap Reel - Hand Operated
Wrap Reel - Digital Model
Digital Colour Matching System
Martindale Abrasion-cum-Pilling Tester
Beesley Balance
Yarn Examining Board Winder
Color Matching Cabinet(Spectrum EURO)
H.T.H.P. Beaker Dyeing Machine
Digital Precision Balance
MBTL Fastness Tester
Swatch Cutter 300mm
Shrinkage Scale & Template
Spray Tester
Twist Tester - PTH 310

Crockmeter - Motorised

Washometer I for ISO Testing
Button Pullout Tester
Pilling Tester
Yarn Tension Tester
Bench pH Meter Digital
Digital Moisture Meter
Digital Tensile Strength Tester
Washometer II for AATCC Testing
Hot Air Oven
Single Yarn Breaking Tester
Color Matching Cabinet (Spectrum ASIA)
s Washometer III for ISO & AATCC Testing
Traverse Thread Counter
Digital GSM Balance
Safe T : Needle Detection
Stiffness Tester
Twist Tester - PTH 311
Digital Colour Matching System
Color Matching Cabinet - Spectrum - II, ASIA
Computerized Tensile Testing Machine
Co-efficient of Friction Tester
Melt Flow Index
Illuminated Inspection Magnifier
Specific Gravity Balance - Digital
Ultra Low Chamber (Deep Freezer)
Digital Tensile Strength Tester

Conditioning Chamber
Hot Air Oven
Digital Tensile Testing Machine
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