ABBE Refractometer, Digital Refractometer

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Soil Testing Equipment
Cutting Machines
 Core Cutting Machines
We offer precision engineered cutting machines that ere efficient and can perform the cutting job in very less time. These durable and sturdily designed machines have great power to perform even in tough conditions.
  Abbe Refractometer
Abbe refractometer this is used to determine the refractive index of solid & liquid. We can also find out the percentage of sugar in any syrup because it has also sugar scale.
 Abbe Refractometer

Oil & Sugar Refractometer  

We have carefully designed and manufactured a range of oil & sugar refractometer. The optics in the refractometer are nearly entirely enclosed and protected from the environment. Reflective index range is 1.42 to 1.49 by conversion table. Our scientists and engineers have offered a range that gives accurate result and is widely demanded by our clients worldwide. Our range finds its application in:

* Industries using Sugar, Oil, Fats and many other similar substances.
* In milk plants it is used to find the B.R. value of the milk.
* In oil Scale / Butyroo Scale is 0 to 100 with an accuracy 0.1 direct reading on micrometers. Sugar scale is 50 to 80 with an accuracy 1% direct read on scale and 0.2% by estimation.

  Hand Sugar Refractometers

We have manufactured a wide range of hand sugar refractometer. A few drops of the sample on the instrument yields immediate results and easily calculates the density of sugar. The boundary line on the scale is very clear and the method to get quick result is very simple. The density of sugar is obtainable ± 0.2% accuracy. Our sugar refractometers are used by jams, syrups and confectionery products manufacturers. Besides our regular specifications, we also manufacture as per the clients specifications. Our regular specifications is available in:

58-92%[ ERMA TYPE]
40-85% [B & S TYPE]

 Hand Sugar Refractometers


  Ultraviolet Cabinets
This is a small dark room of ultra violet radians suitable for detecting chemical cases. Our wide range of ultraviolet lamps is available from low power hand held models to high intensity units. We provide highly efficient and well designed ultraviolet lamps that are used by different institutions and also in the different clinical laboratories. This is also called Ultraviolet Inspection Box.
 Table Top Freezer Dryer/Lypholizer

Bearing Ratio Test
 Muffle Furnace
The equipment consists one each of the following: Load frame, Hand operated, Capacity 5000kg. with high and low rates of travel of the load screw. Mould made frame Gun-metal / Brass, 150mm internal dia x 175mm high, with perforated base plate and extension collar 50mm high. Penetration piston, face dia 50mm with adjustable bracket for penetration dia gauge. Circular metal space disc, 148mm dia x 47.7mm high, with detachable handle. Annular metal weight, 2.5 kg., 147mm dia with 53mm dia central hole. Slotted metal weight, 2.5 kg., 147 mm dia with 53 dia slot. Perforated plate made of Gun-metal / Brass 148mm dia with adjustable stem and lock nut and a metal tripod for dia gauge. Cutting collar, Rammer 2.6 kg. weight with drop of 310mm. Rammer 4.89 kg. with drop of 450mm. Supplied without proving ring and dial gauge.
  Light Fastness Tester
Description: For determining light fastness of textiles against MBTL fading lamp. Providing with 4 Nos. sample holder, hour meter with buzzer, cooling arrangement with pump & water tank.
 High-Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge 20000RPM

Diesel Engines  
 Diesel Engines
We are counted as a most trustworthy high speed diesel engine manufacturer and exporter. High efficiency and increased power output, makes our industrial diesel engines simply invaluable. Our industrial diesel engines and portable diesel engines give better mileage and do not create much sound and air pollution. Very reasonable prices are also there to let you avail the opportunity of choosing from our collection of diesel engines that are applicable to a number of different applications.
High Speed Diesel Engines
Our high speed diesel engines have been specifically designed to suite multipurpose applications. Our high speed diesel engines have been manufactured by using the latest technology available. Our high speed diesel engines represents a perfect blend of high efficiency and competitive prices.
  Tools And Hardware
Double Open End Spanner 10X12
Double open End Spanner 13X17
Combination Plier 6"
Hammer 200 Gms.
Knife Cutter
Measuring Tape
Screw Driver cum Line Tester
Chisel 4"
 High Performance Liquid Chromatography System

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